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November 6 could be the beginning of the end for the NRA. But only if we vote.

It’s time to start paying attention. In less than two weeks, we face the most important midterm election of our lives. For years, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has controlled Congress, and with a rudderless and inept Donald Trump in the White House, they are clearly pulling the strings — influencing everything from Supreme Court nominations to legislative priorities. On November 6, we have a chance to stop the NRA’s agenda by electing gun violence prevention champions and kicking the NRA’s allies out of office.

Ahead of the critical midterm elections, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) has endorsed candidates who will stand up to the NRA. These candidates are actively championing our right to be safe from gun violence and supporting policies to protect all our citizens. We know Americans feel strongly about this issue. We saw your passion earlier this year at the historic March for Our Lives. We see it in the growing enthusiasm for the gun violence prevention movement. And we see it in the NRA’s declining membership and popularity. Over the past few years, the American people have grown increasingly disgusted by the NRA’s complete lack of empathy and unwillingness to even discuss meaningful solutions to the nation’s gun violence epidemic. On November 6, we have a chance to show the NRA that the American people are fed up with their dangerous and heartless agenda; this election could be the first nail in the NRA’s coffin.

So much is at stake on November 6. The candidates we have endorsed support universal background checks, safe storage laws, extreme risk laws, and dedicated federal funding to research gun violence, among other policies. The gun lobby and gun extremists support nationwide concealed carry reciprocity, which would allow people with concealed carry permits in one state to carry in any other state, regardless of that state’s concealed carry laws. They champion unlimited access to assault weapons — the gun of choice for mass shooters and those who want to inflict maximum damage in a short period of time. They oppose laws that would help law enforcement solve gun crimes. And they want to allow individuals with no training whatsoever to carry firearms on school grounds, including in preschools, K-12 schools, and public colleges and universities.

If the House and the Senate remain under the control of the NRA, it will be disastrous for public safety and the general well-being of our nation. We need your help to make sure gun violence prevention advocates win on Tuesday, November 6!

No matter where you live, your vote matters; there are critical races in every state. Check your registration, find your polling place, and learn about early voting options here. Then, check out our endorsements, head to the polls, and cast your ballot for gun violence prevention.

We cannot allow the NRA and gun extremists to dictate the direction of our nation. On November 6, we have the chance to take our country back. This is an election we cannot afford to lose.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) is a 501(c)(4) organization founded in 1974. We are the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention organization.

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